class nifpga.session._Register(session, nifpga, bitfile_register, base_address_on_device, read_func=None, write_func=None)[source]

Bases: object

_Register is a private class that is a wrapper of logic that is associated with controls and indicators.

All Registers will exists in a sessions session.registers property. This means that all possible registers for a given session are created during session initialization; a user should never need to create a new instance of this class.


A single register will always have one and only one element.

Returns:Always a constant 1.
Return type:(int)

Property of a register that returns the datatype of the control or indicator.


Property of a register that returns the name of the control or indicator.


Reads a single element from the control or indicator

Returns:The data inside the register.
Return type:data (DataType.value)

Writes the specified data to the control or indicator

Parameters:data (DataType.value) – The data to be written into the register